Return Policy

We sincerely hope you get the desired effects from the supplements you purchase. However no one can guarantee that this will happen just as a doctor and pharmacy can make no guarantees that any medications prescribed by a doctor will work in everyone or cause no adverse effects. Each person is unique in their response. One person may notice great benefit from a supplement, while another may have a side effect or an allergy. Yes, natural herbs and supplements, just like medicines, can have side effects. Discuss with your health care provider if a particular supplement is appropriate for you before you purchase. Always start with a low dose, even if it means using a portion of a capsule or tablet. Combining certain supplements together or supplements and prescription medicines can sometimes lead to unexpected reactions. Do not purchase multiple bottles of a supplement if you are not sure whether it will work for you. We cannot guarantee a supplement will help you; however, we do guarantee that the products we are offering are of the highest quality available.

We will offer a full refund minus our shipping and handling cost and minus a 7 dollar processing fee (it takes a lot of employee time to process a refund, plus we incur credit card fees both during processing and refunding) if a bottle is returned to us unopened and in excellent condition. This offer applies to items that are returned within 30 days of purchase and you include a copy of the original invoice. This offer is limited to 2 bottles. We also request that you email us first at to confirm your return and so we can give you a return order number. 

We are not able to offer a refund once the seal is broken and the bottle is opened. If it is important to you to have the option to return an opened bottle, there may be other websites that offer this option and you could certainly shop with them.

Unless you notify us within 30 days of your order (domestic) and 45 days (international), we cannot offer a refund if you claim that you never received your package. 



Return Policy Questions:

Q. I am hesitant to purchase your products as one will not know if the product(s) will work unless they actually try it. Your policy states that the product has to be returned unopened, which negates the ability to try what is sent. I usually know within a very short time if herbs, medicines etc. work with me (by the first 3 days to 1 week). Would I still be able to return the item for a full or partial refund if I find that it doesn't do what the product purports to do?

A. When you actually think about pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by your doctor, you will realize that neither the pharmacy nor the drug company will accept a return of a bottle if the antibiotic or other medicine does not work, which is quite often. Considering this, as an herbal supplement company, we do not feel we need to accept returns of opened bottles. There is no way we can please everyone with every product. Plus, accepting returns makes it possible for people to abuse the system and return a product with just a couple of capsules left requesting a refund even if they liked it (and this has happened to us in the past when we were accepting opened bottles). We prefer not to deal with this hassle. There may be other online companies that do accept returns of opened bottles, and if this is important to you, you could certainly shop with them.

Q. I noticed that StartWithLiving products say certified on them. I wondered who certifies the strength and purity and lack of heavy metals in your products.

A. Our products are made at a cGMP Facility which is independent from us. This lab is regularly evaluated by the independent agencies to make sure all ingredients and the manufacturing processes are within FDA Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

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