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Start With Living is an Aegis Pharma company. Our scientists have succeeded in creating one of the most powerful and exciting natural supplements on the market, and our goal is to share it with the world. For thousands of years, Fucoidan, Cordyceps, and Reishi Mushroom have been known for their benefits, and have long been prescribed in Eastern medicine to promote overall health, disease resistance, and longevity. As each ingredient has its own powerful curative force, it seemed natural to us that they should be combined. This was the principle upon which Start With Living was founded.

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Years of research has gone into developing techniques that harness the maximum benefits of each raw ingredient. Where they cannot be ethically produced or harvested, we have taken great care to farm them naturally, creating an ideal environment to promote the highest possible concentration of the beneficial compounds. Each source is FDA certified organic, and complies with the most stringent specifications for growing, extraction, and final packaging. Each component of The FCR is guaranteed to contain the highest potency and purity available anywhere. We don’t add fillers or extraneous ingredients, ensuring that what you are getting is always top quality. Our product is backed by the latest research to help you make informed decisions about your health – because that is our ultimate goal, and it’s what we want for you too.

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