Top 10 Reasons to Try Cordyceps

Cordyceps, also known as the caterpillar fungus as it grows on the backs of insects, has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Known as the longevity mushroom, it can benefit your life in many amazing ways.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should be taking cordyceps every day:

  1. It’s a natural defender against many types of cancer: cancers are rampant in the world today, and cordyceps has been proven to reduce the size of tumors and protect against the spreading of cancer in the body.

    cancer cell

  2. It strengthens the immune system: why treat the symptoms of a cold or virus when you can actually prevent it from happening? Cordyceps strengthens the immune system so that you won’t be plagued by colds, the flu, or other nasty infections.      

    strengthen immune system

  3. It has strong anti-aging properties: cordyceps strengthens the body in so many ways, it can actually prevent the progression of heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline due to aging. This is largely because of its powerful anti-oxidant effect, and as everybody knows, oxidation is the primary contributor to every major disease there is, including those brought on by aging.

    anti aging

  4. It can increase your energy and fight fatigue: whether you are an athlete, or if you have a chronic fatigue syndrome and just want to feel better, cordyceps can help. It has been proven to stimulate the body’s production of ATP, which is the primary source of energy during exercise. This means athletes can train longer and harder, and others can feel like they have an increased wellspring of energy that can help them accomplish more.

    fight fatigue

  5. Stimulate the libido: if you are looking for something to put some spice back into your sex life, cordyceps could just do the trick. Not only does it improve blood flow and increase the flow of oxygen into the blood, it can cure impotence and improve chances at fertility.

    stimulate libido

  6. Stabilize your blood sugar: studies have proven that cordyceps can lower blood sugar in those with type 2 diabetes. For the rest of us, just having a stable blood sugar level can support our good mood, and our ability to think clearly.

    stabilize blood sugar

  7. It’s good for your liver: cordyceps is highly detoxifying to the liver, and can be helpful for people who are suffering from liver diseases like hepatitis B. This in turn can support and strengthen the immune system, as it helps the liver to flush toxins from the body. A healthier liver aids in better digestion too, so it’s also good for your gut.

    good liver

  8. Heal from infection and illness faster: because of its immune-adaptive properties as well as its ability to increase the number of T-cells your body produces, cordyceps is very helpful in protecting the body from the onset of disease, and if you suffer from illness or infection, it can help you get back on your feet much faster.  

    cordyceps heal infection

  9. Support good respiratory health: if you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough or other lung illnesses, cordyceps can help you. Since its detoxifying effect helps to increase the amount of oxygen to the blood, the oxygen that the lungs receive will improve, and you will breathe much better.

    good lung, good respiratory system

  10. Think better, feel better, be better: if you supplement with cordyceps, your mental acuity, alertness and stamina will improve. This will encourage you to move more, to engage in more activities that you love, and generally contribute to a happier life – and that’s what we want, right? To be happy and healthy, and to be able to enjoy the things we love the most.

    mental toughness

The FCR: cordyceps, fucoidan and reishi mushroom

The FCR is the first time ever that these three powerful natural medicines have been combined. Our sources are 100% certified organic, and the quality, strength and potency are guaranteed. Try The FCR today, and check out our site for more information on how cordyceps, fucoidan and reishi mushroom can change your life.

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