Fighting Acne with The FCR (Fucoidan, Cordyceps and Reishi Mushroom)

Acne is a common disease of the skin that affects almost everybody at some point in their life. Unfortunately, it plagues some more than others, causing embarrassing blemishes and even permanent scarring on the face and body.

What causes acne?

Acne is caused by hormonal fluctuations. These changes in the body’s hormone balance causes the skin to produce excessive sebum (oil), and if a pore becomes blocked with the oil, it causes irritation, and in some cases, extreme inflammation. Bacteria builds up if the pores are blocked, causing the swelling to intensify and become tender or outright painful. The onset of acne usually begins in puberty, when androgen hormones are the most active. These are the same hormones that cause the growth of facial hair, muscle development, and other typically male characteristics. Though it is caused by a male hormone, acne affects males and females alike. Boys are more likely to get the more severe forms of it, however, simply because they produce more androgens.

 Girls and women may notice that they tend to suffer outbreaks before their period – a time when their hormones are kicking up, which can contribute to blocked pores. Women are more likely to suffer from ongoing acne breakouts, sometimes even into their 30s and 40s. For women above the age of puberty, flare-ups can happen during ovulation, or in times of great stress. Diet and overall health can also be a mitigating factor, as can pregnancy, or conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Getting rid of acne

Whichever way you look at acne, nobody wants it. In fact, there is a multi-billion-dollar industry dedicated to treating it, hiding it, and getting rid of it for good.

To this end, there are over-the-counter topical medications, face washes, cleansers and soaps that can be effective (for some) in keeping mild to moderate acne under control. On the prescription end of things, there are stronger topical medicines available with high concentrations of benzyl peroxide; there are also steroid-based solutions, and for the most severe cases, there is Accutane, a drug that cannot even be prescribed to women of child-bearing age, as it has been proven to cause severe birth defects. If the very idea of a drug like that scares you, you’re not alone. If you are plagued by severe viral or cystic acne and that is your only option, it would be a very tough decision to have to make.

The natural acne solution

But what if there was something completely natural that actually worked? Something with powerful ingredients that have a proven track record in eliminating acne – ingredients that are non-steroidal, are not peroxide or chemically-based, and are completely safe to take for both women and men? If you suffer from acne and have been searching for a natural solution, The FCR might be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

The FCR contains a combination of three powerful ingredients, each of which has been known and used as a powerful curative force in Eastern medicine for centuries. Each has its own specific acne fighting action on its own, but together, they are truly miraculous.

Let’s take a deeper dive into The FCR, and discover its acne-fighting potential:

Acne-fighting ingredient #1: Fucoidan

Acne before and after

Fucoidan is extracted from a type of brown sea kelp. Sourced from the clear sea waters of Okinawa, it has long been a part of the Japanese diet, and is thought to be responsible for the longevity of the Japanese people, as well as their perfectly clear skin and robust overall health.

Some of the acne-fighting mechanisms of fucoidan include:

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory: reduces the inflammation and pain of severe acne
  • Boosts the immune system: strengthens the body’s natural ability to fight acne
  • Anti-viral: prevents flare-ups of viral acne
  • Anti-bacterial: fights bacterial build up in the pores of the skin that cause acne
  • Hydrating: helps the skin to retain moisture by forming a protective layer on the surface of the skin and inhibiting water evaporation
  • Detoxifying: removes heavy metals, free radicals and toxins from the skin and body, which can help to prevent acne breakouts

There are many reasons why fucoidan delivers a powerful acne-fighting punch, but the results are quite clear. Even for those who have had a great deal of trouble controlling their acne, fucoidan has helped to eliminate the problem once and for all, and often in a very short period of time.

Acne-fighting ingredient #2: Cordyceps

acne treatment before and after using the fcr

Cordyceps is a unique fungus indigenous to the Himalayas. In Chinese medicine, it is known as a health tonic, and it has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to fight disease, fatigue, eye problems, skin problems, and much more.

Cordyceps’ acne-fighting action is due in part to its detoxifying effects. It is a powerful tonic that flushes out harmful toxins from the liver, an organ whose purpose in the body is to filter out and break down toxins, and protect the rest of the body from harm. When toxins build up in the liver, it can’t do its job, and can cause acne outbreaks simply because the body is in distress and needs to detoxify.

It also lends powerful support to the immune system, helping the body to fight off infection caused by viruses or bacteria.

Cordyceps is also effective in regulating hormonal balance. Since hormones are a major stressor for acne, this is part of what makes it so effective. Cordyceps is also known to balance the skin tone as well as brighten and improve the texture of the skin. After a course of treatment with cordyceps, you can expect a clear, healthy, glowing complexion.

Acne-fighting ingredient #3: Reishi Mushroom

In Chinese medicine, reishi mushroom is linked to longevity, cancer prevention and healing in general. It normalizes the body’s hormonal balance, reduces inflammation from the inside out, and moderates the immune system.

Since acne is a product of over-active hormones, it is easy to understand why reishi mushroom is so effective in fighting it. Additionally, it helps to relieve stress (another acne precursor), is detoxifying, and gives your immune system extra power to be able to fight an outbreak. It also stimulates the digestive tract, which encourages the body to excrete toxins that may lead to an acne outbreak.

The FCR: a powerful three-in-one punch to defeat acne fast

Even though each of these ingredients on their own are effective in helping to reduce acne flare-ups, heal viral acne outbreaks, and improve the body’s ability to fight infection, the combination of all three together is a one-two-three punch that will give you a fighting chance of knocking acne out of the picture for good.

Taken regularly, The FCR improves health from the inside out, and nowhere is good health more apparent than from your skin. If your acne treatments aren’t doing the job completely, consider adding The FCR to your regimen. Taken regularly, in addition to your topical washes and creams, you will be amazed at how quickly your acne disappears, and stays away.

 acne scaring before and after

Acne sufferers, take heart: having clear, beautiful, balanced skin is possible. If you suffer from acne, before you decide to embark on a course of treatment that may be harmful or ineffective, try The FCR. It’s the ancient, natural way to heal the body and prevent disease.


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